My focus in teaching is to bring solid technical and theoretical background together with emotional and compelling performance. My goal is to provide a balance of work and play, and I strive to help students understand music on all levels. I place high value on the student-teacher relationship, and aim to be a positive influence through motivation, professionalism, and commitment to my students. I try to be the best musician and educator I can be in the hope that my students may gain the opportunity to enrich their and others' lives by creating art, culture and beauty in the world.




S T U D E N T   T E S T I M O N I A L S


"When I started taking voice lessons with Whittney in 2009, I had a super quiet voice, a limited range, and wanted more than anything to be a part of my high school's advanced vocal ensemble. Fast forward 4 years, and my range has more than doubled, my (much louder) voice can be easily discerned in a group, and I am now the president and Soprano 1 section leader of that same advanced ensemble. Under Whittney, I have learned proper technique, music theory, and been exposed to everything from Italian arias to Broadway musical songs, chosen by her specifically for my voice. She has helped me with a variety of pieces in different styles and languages and given me tips for singing when sick, dealing with nerves, and overall performance. She chooses the best warm-ups for my voice and finds the most effective ways to teach concepts. Whittney is an incredible teacher and I consider her to be both a mentor and a friend. She even comes to my concerts. :) With Whittney as my instructor, I have developed tremendously as a singer and am inspired to become even better." -SHANNON A.


"I've been taking classes with Ms. Whittney for 4 years. I began with only piano classes, but once I got to know Whittney, I fell in love with her way of teaching. So I decided to take vocal classes. Ms. Whittney has really helped me improve on my technique. I can honestly say I wouldn't be the singer I am today if it wasn't for Whittney. I am truly grateful to have her as my teacher!" -MELODY E.


"Whittney is an amazing teacher! When I go in once a week for my piano, I am always greeted by smiles. She is very kind and patient if I make a mistake. I have been taking classes with her for a little over a year and I have understood and learned more than I could have if I took lessons somewhere else. Whittney takes time with students and makes sure that we understand what we are learning. Whittney also is very patient, if we make a mistake she helps us understand what we did wrong nicely and encourages us to try again. Whittney is also teaching us new techniques or things to remember if we pick up a bad habit or if we have to work on our form. I love taking classes with Whittney and I am sure you will too!" -NATALIA P.


"Thank you for all your hard work with our daughter Chaney. We have noticed such an improvement with her music as well as her social skills. Seeing her sing live was unbelievable and a true testament to how far she's come along." -MICHAEL R.


"Whittney, thank you for having the patience to teach me piano and singing, it's really a lot of fun." -CHANEY LAYNE R.


"Whittney Mikkél has been a great addition to California Guitar Academy. Her attention to detail and genuine care for the students' education make her an excellent teacher for those interested in improving their skills. Whittney brings her experience and love for music to the studio while maintaining a high level of professionalism." -MIKE BRUNNER, Owner, California Guitar Academy