indecisive, careless and free
we set out on the open road with a couple of bags of nothing we’ll need
i know we were too tired to breathe, woah
for a good cause we make these sacrifices

the sky mirrored your eyes
i found my dreams in those clouds
and the windmill army was looming ahead from the distance, woah
coming closer, closing in on us
gonna swallow us whole...
but some stood motionless like wounded soldiers on the battlefield

why is this taking so long?
i didn’t know it would be like this
you said “let’s take five”
i wanted one more, i wanted one more
but we’re just too tired to breathe

the winding ribbon road played tricks on our eyes
i tried so hard not to look at the lines, woah

because you told me they could hypnotize
i tried so hard...

then you were motionless in the passenger seat
and i felt like i’d never been awake so long before